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Organising sales for freelancers and creative businesses.

Flume will help untangle your sales process and keep the work coming in.

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Want to know why you should use Flume?

Fair question. Fortunately, it's one with a simple answer. Flume helps you make more money. Let's admit it, as creatives we love to put off the sales process, and instead focus on current projects.

Flume helps you become more organised and avoid letting those golden opportunities slip by. Flume is there to make sure you're never out of work.

Flume is your digital sales companion.

Flume leads in head
All in your head?

Do you keep all of your potential projects and leads in your head? I bet you're real good at it too, but for backup and sharing, Flume makes sure you never forget.

Still using spreadsheets?

Do you maintain an unwieldy spreadsheet and have no idea what the future holds? Flume gives you an invaluable dashboard to track progress, past and present.

Flume Spreadsheets
Flume Salesman
Doing sales the right way.

Are you fed up with all the sales jargon and unnecessary features in every other CRM? Flume strips out the junk and allows you to focus on the very reason you're in the business of creating.


Sales Pipeline

Customisable stages

Split your pipeline into stages that suit your business.


You can easily move leads from one stage to another. Think of it as a digital whiteboard where you shuffle your cards around.

Colour coding

Quickly and easily see which tasks are coming up or overdue with our simple traffic light system.


{{ stage_one_value | currency : '£' : 0 }}


£{{ lead.forecast_amount }}   {{ lead.client_name }}
Estimated close date: {{ lead.estimated_close_date | date }}


{{ stage_two_value | currency : '£' : 0 }}


£{{ lead.forecast_amount }}   {{ lead.client_name }}
Estimated close date: {{ lead.estimated_close_date | date }}

Assign Tasks

Share the workload

Create and assign tasks for you and members of your team.

Auto schedule - Coming soon

Setup reminders to contact existing clients regularly. A great way to show that you care.

Daily email summaries

You can receive daily or weekly email summaries, letting you know what you need to be working on.


Manage Clients

One central hub

Flume becomes your little black book of clients past and present.

Import from Google or spreadsheet

We know how onerous it can be to create new clients, so we've built some handy import tools for your existing contacts.

Identify your VIPs

See who your most important clients are by tracking successful leads and reporting on revenue per client.



Financial forecasting

The more you use Flume, the more accurate it will get at giving you a real-time view of your expected cashflow.

Track progress

Find out how long leads sit in different stages of your pipeline, giving you a great chance to improve your process.

Financial Reporting

Creative buddies say...

"I've always loved my spreadsheets, but got frustrated with the lack of reporting. I'm addicted to checking my Flume dashboard daily!"

Steven Lake

"Flume has been incredibly useful for Dragonfish and has definitely played a part in fuelling our growth. We've loved the simplicity and ease of collaboration across a team that's on the road a lot."

Rich Webley
Managing Director

"If only Flume could help organise my desk as well. For that reason I award 4.5 out of 5 stars."

Helen Lloyd
Artist & Illustrator