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  • Unlimited leads
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Share leads
  • Set reminders
  • Lead history
  • Drag'n'drop pipeline
  • Set monthly sales targets
  • Track monthly sales
  • Accurate cashflow forecast
  • Track sales velocity
  • Track close ratio
  • Daily or weekly summaries

Frequently Asked Questions

How long am I signed up for?
You sign up straight on to a monthly rolling agreement. You can cancel at anytime.

Can I invite others into my team?
Keep this a secret but yes you can. If your team is much bigger than 5 it's likely Flume isn't quite for you, but if you're a micro agency or small creative business give it a go for free.

Is my data safe?
Yes, we go to great efforts to make sure you and your client's private information is safe and secure, and we keep on top of industry best practices.

How does Flume make me more money?
It's very simple really. By being more organised and focused with your sales process, something creatives are notoriously bad at, you can secure even more paid work.

What happens when my trial ends?
You will still have access to your data but it's only when you continue with a paid subscription do we allow you to carry on creating leads, clients & tasks.

Any questions?
We're a friendly bunch and like to hear from you. We'd even be keen to meet up for a drink if you're up for it. So any other questions just drop us a line.

Creative buddies say...

"I've always loved my spreadsheets, but got frustrated with the lack of reporting. I'm addicted to checking my Flume dashboard daily!"

Steven Lake

"Flume has been incredibly useful for Dragonfish and has definitely played a part in fuelling our growth. We've loved the simplicity and ease of collaboration across a team that's on the road a lot."

Rich Webley
Managing Director

"If only Flume could help organise my desk as well. For that reason I award 4.5 out of 5 stars."

Helen Lloyd
Artist & Illustrator